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Our company motto is based on our real life experiences. At Total Training we offer you the knowledge, tools and accreditation to go out into the real world and develop your chosen professional career by combining our staff’s past experience, offering current solutions to successfully tackle future problems…

Senior members of Total Training personnel have been collaborating on the global projects over the past decade. Our training team members hail from a variety of operational backgrounds ranging from the military, law enforcement and intelligence communities, can instruct in multiple languages and offer over 50 years of proven operational experience. This has been put to good use by providing technical, tactical and strategic solutions to Royal Households, Governments, NGOs, Fortune 10 companies and international humanitarian aid bodies such as UNHCR or the African Union.

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Our Programs


Our training provides an immediate solution to tactical & technical law enforcement requirements

Our bespoke training programs are designed by pooling the unique qualities, knowledge and operational experience of our senior management team and specilised instructor staff. We have access to elite military and law enforcements units, where selected subject matter expert instructors have the ability to design, develop, produce and teach the required bespoke training package. These can be delivered anywhere in the world, at the client’s request…


  • Tactical Firearms Courses
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Close Protection
  • Surveillance
  • Counter-Insurgency Operations
  • Special Weapons and Tactics Training
  • Public Order Training
  • Sky Marshal Training
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Advanced Evasive and Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Tactical Firearms Courses


Our Experience

Our specialised team is now in its 7th year of researching, designing & imparting internationally recognized specilaised military & law enforcement training packages. With over 4,000 students successfully trained worldwide and offering over 100 specialized courses aimed at the defence, law enforcement & corporate security industries, we aim for 2020 to be another successful year. We could not have achieved this success without the unwavering support of trusted industry specialist partners and business associates across the 5 continents.

We are continuing to move forward in developing various cutting edge programs such as border control, counter-insurgency or anti-poaching programs, by combining and integrating the latest technological advances in drone technology with standard “professionally trained boots on the ground” solutions to allow for great results in the field.

A major milestone in 2019 has been the achievement which allows us to certify, through an international accreditor, a bespoke maintenance and operational driver training program for the armoured vehicle industry. This has allowed TOTAL TRAINING to be the first training provider in the world to offer these specialized APC driver / maintenance internationally accredited packages to the industry.

We trust that in 2020 you continue to count on our team of discrete professionals for all your tactical & technical training requirements and we thank you in advance for the opportunity to be able to offer you this information package for your kind consideration.

Our Methodology

Our training programs rank highly and are internationally recognized as as one of the most complete and effective when imparting tactical & technical operational knowledge to students. Should it be necessary, we have signed agreements in place, with a pioneering, industry leading accreditation entity to offer internationally recognized certification in our courses.

We can design specific training programs for your security group, be it public or private, military or police. These highly didactic programs are aimed at guaranteeing results in the effective use of human resources in the most dangerous situations.

All the knowledge that is taught in all our programs is based on proven methods. We provide modules designed to cover all possible contingencies and eventualities. Each course may include a package of support services should this prove necessary. These services will be designed and coordinated to meet the client’s most immediate specific needs.

We firmly believe that a logical approach, based on common sense, combined with a solid understanding of the basic principles of each individual, is necessary before considering the delivery of more advanced training modules. The training courses are designed to adapt to the particular needs of each client. The courses can be taught at our collaborating centers in Europe, Africa or the Middle East, depending on the client’s regional preference.

Once a need for training has been identified, a formative, comprehensive and detailed program for the client will be formulated and presented. If accepted, the training provided will be realistic and effective. TOTAL TRAINING develops training modules tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and are delivered in the most timely manner, in budgets as and when required.

At TOTAL TRAINING we strictly abide by the codes of conduct dictated by international governing bodies such as the United Nations and international rules and regulations in place defining tactical and technical procurement of training services and equipment. We are a United Kingdom regulated company and are compliant with its laws and regulations.

Our Commitment to our Brothers

In the field of military and law enforcement training, experienced instructors are obtained mainly through networks of contacts and personal experiences. The shared experiences of these veterans provide valuable lessons, assuring that the lessons learned with blood, sweat and tears, which, in many occasions have been achieved by incurring great personal sacrifices, will not be repeated by others. This is why collaborating with recognized veteran programs such as United Kingdom Government backed Armed Forces Covenant or the veteran support group, Walking with the Wounded, supporting those who have served and given so much to protect our way of life, is key to our TOTAL TRAINING ethos…

Our Guarantees

We Guarantee the following:

  • Professionalism
  • Absolute Discretion
  • Longstanding Industry Experience
  • Bespoke Manufacturer Programs
  • Motivated Instructors
  • Modern, Updated Training Programs
  • Integrity
  • Value for Money
  • Individual Bespoke Training Modules
  • International Recognised Certifications
  • Global / Multi Lingual Training Centers & Capabilities

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